Tadelakt Stairs

Studio Shesh was founded in 1992. It specializes in ancient building methods called Artisant (artisan in French) based on the unique construction materials which Studio Shesh produces in Israel exclusively.

These construction methods and materials were in use from the times of the First Temple and were used to cover walls in the magnificent palaces and bath houses of the Maghreb.

Studio Shesh planned and executed a number of large scale projects in construction and conservation of buildings using the first-rate plaster materials it produces. The materials can be produced in a rich variety of colors and textures. The materials are environmentally friendly and durable for centuries, while keeping their luxurious marble-like appearance.

Studio Shesh is the exclusive producer in Israel and one of the very few in the world producing and marketing first-class coating solutions, with materials which have hundreds of years of durability and a luxurious marble-like appearance.
Ever since the times of the First Temple, and later in Roman Kingdom times, these materials were used for wall coating in grand palaces and bath houses.

Around the world there are many archeological structures which were built with those materials, among them relics in Masada.

The materials are produced using ancient knowledge; they are made of natural substances only and are environmentally friendly; they are suitable for coastal areas, they are resistant to water and salts, durable in sun and water and improve over time.

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