Tadelakt – Finishing Materials and Work Tools

Studio Shesh developed during its 20 years of activity and its experience in applying thousands of meters of Tadelakt, in hundreds of projects!! finishing materials and work tools which are produced in house! carefully adapted to the Israeli Tadelakt!

The materials such as Tadelakt are 100% natural and ecological and they give the smooth, deep and shiny appearance to the Tadelakt.

Oil-water – is a unique emulsion of olive oil and distilled water. In a process similar to making soap "in the old days", the oil-water is made! It is used for applying the second layer of the Tadelakt and acts as a natural and ecological sealer.

Natural Wax – is a material which was developed in Studio Shesh and is used for creating the sheen and the "glassy" depth which are such distinct characteristics of the Tadelakt! The wax is made of pure beeswax! Its natural properties are used in the hive as a "finishing" material which resists water and pests! The wax is applied as a last layer, after the material has finally completed the setting process.

"Malsh" – the finishing of the Tadelakt is an art of application which requires professionalism and the appropriate tools! For that purpose, Studio Shesh has developed two types of Malsh in a unique design for the Tadelakt, one is made of stainless steel for the primary finish, and the second is made of plastic for the final leveling!

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