Tadelakt – External Plaster

Jaffa Marmorin – external finishing plaster, smooth as marble, with a stone like appearance.

Jaffa Marmorin is a lime-plaster, consisting of marble powders, limestone and air lime.

Jaffa Marmorin was used for external coating of houses in the Mediterranean Sea area such as Jaffa, Acre, Venice, South of France and more.

These days Jaffa Marmorin is used in various styles of projects due to its special qualities and refined appearance.

Product Description

Natural finishing plaster, environmentally friendly. Based on air lime.

Finishing is available in a smooth marble-like appearance or stone appearance.

It is also possible to make it in elegant modern or in cloudy Provence looks.


Various Uses

Decorative plaster for internal and external wall coating;

It is applied directly over black plaster; used for new and for conservation buildings.



A natural plaster that allows buildings to "breathe"; resistant to water and salts.

Durable for many years, it does not fade and does not peel.


Ensure stable, strong and clean foundation.

When applying over black plaster: wet the foundation until it is completely saturated. Afterwards, wait for about 15-60 minutes, until the foundation feels dry when touching it by hand.

When applying over plaster walls: apply the plaster over the primer layer sold by Studio Shesh. When the foundation is ready, apply the first layer: thin, using a spatula in grain thickness. Second layer: as setting starts, apply a thick layer, between 2-3 mm. Then flatten the wall using a sponge.

Third layer: apply with the finishing layer (Jaffa Classic) in a thin layer about 0.3 mm thick. As setting starts, smooth out and compress the wall until getting a uniform, smooth like marble appearance.

Drying time

For touch: 8 hours.

First final: 48 hours.

Final: one month.

Technical Data

Use about 7-9 kg per Sq m.

Plaster thickness between 3-5 mm.

Contains: mineral bonding material, lime that had a special treatment, mineral pigments, silica and marble chips.


Do not apply if rain is expected within 3 days of applying the plaster.

Do not apply in a temperature over 35 degrees Celsius or under 5 degrees Celsius.


6 months in closed original packaging. Keep away from extreme heat or cold, store in a cool dry place.

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