Jaffa Plaster

For thousands of years Jaffa Plaster has been the exterior plaster of the ancient world, which was in use especially in areas near the ocean, due to its breathing quality, which can absorb water and humidity, while at the same time extract more than it absorbed and cleanse itself from salinity and scale and prevent them from being absorbed into the wall. The salinity or scale would appear as a white dusty stain which gets cleaned easily, therefore preventing any damage from salinity or scale to the wall itself!

In archeological findings some remains of Jaffa Plaster have been found, which was called also Acre plaster, back in the times of ancient Rome, the Ottoman Empire, structures built by Herod, Napoleon and others.

The plaster is applied in two layers, with a smooth natural finishing, applied in a layer of 4-6 mm. It is recommended for applying on exterior walls, especially in areas near the ocean, with high humidity and salinity levels in the air.

The plaster is 100% ecologic, environmentally friendly, "breaths" very well and as such, has a high durability for rough weather conditions and its appearance actually improves over the years.
Studio Shesh is committed to the high quality of its products, however it emphasizes that the quality of implementation is equally important!!!
Studio Shesh, which produces all of its own marketed raw materials, has vast experience in applying thousands of meters of Jaffa Plaster during its 20 years activity and is associated with artists in the application and implementation field!!

Implementation which is not professional would damage the best raw materials finishing!!

Studio Shesh, besides being the sole producer in Israel for this type of raw materials (the company which commits to the highest quality and uniformity of the product, unlike other companies which import and are dependent on arbitrary treatment of producers and quarries), is a design studio associated with architects like Jushua Kastiel, Alex Meitlis, and other leading designers!! Connecting with Studio Shesh gives you full confidence in the highest quality raw materials in the world!! Professional artists in their field!! Designing capabilities proven in hundreds of projects!! Therefore Studio Shesh gives you a unique service package that provides solutions for all aspects in the field!!

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