Ground-Clay / Granite Seashell Plaster

Ground Seashell Plaster is a unique Studio Shesh product, Israeli plaster, which was developed and improved during ten years until forming what it is today, a market product for all intents and purposes.

The product was created from the love of Asaf Yakubov – Studio Sheh owner – to different plaster materials. In his research and observation of ancient plaster in Israel and around the world, Asaf encountered an ancient plaster which the hundreds of years that passed, had given it their special mark and turned it from smooth to more coarse, and the clay and seashell particles which were used at the time to make the plaster, turned into a kind of ornament in the texture. Over the years, Asaf developed a special method which, by washing the plaster, makes it possible to reach the same unique texture that nature has imprinted on the plaster.

Today the plaster is considered very prestigious and suits any person who wants an ancient appearance using a current product, with uncompromised execution and finishing qualities, which has, on the one hand, a slightly coarse finishing with particles of seashells and clay that make up the texture of the surface, while on the other hand, maintains high quality and durability for many years, and, like other Studio Shesh products, its appearance improves over time.

Ground Seashell Plaster is a unique product of Studio Shesh and like the rest of our products is 100% "green" and ecological! Israeli produced Blue and White. The plaster is applied in two layers of 4-6 mm and is available in a wide variety of colors that were developed by Studio Shesh, and adapted for this plaster.

Ground Seashell Plaster comes as a base product and can be combined with clay particles or granite particles in order to give it the appearance that would match the overall design of the house, according to each client's personal taste!

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