Ecological Exterior Plaster

Today we are witnessing a new exterior plaster in our area, the acrylic plaster. However, when choosing this product, among other questions, one has to ask the primary question: why do most professionals tend to recommend the acrylic plaster?

The answer is in the question. The acrylic plaster is convenient and "good" for the plasterer, but the opposite is true for the house owner!!

The acrylic plaster, besides it being a chemical based material which does not breathe and therefore is not ecological and not environmentally friendly, is basically a material similar to rubber. As such, any stain it would absorb would not be washable, and furthermore, would rub in deeply into the surface and would be "smeared" on it. Because of its texture, there is no way to make any repair or repaint it without damaging the finishing quality. In addition, because it does not breathe, in case of any fluids getting under the surface, the plaster would swell and peel as "one piece".

By contrast, the ecological plaster breaths, it has a smooth even finish, and although it breaths, due to its density and its very smooth finish which has a texture similar to a pebble, it is environmentally friendly, and not only is it washable, it also resists dirt!! Even the toughest stains like bats' secretion, sticky tree fruits, etc. would get cleaned up easily by washing with water and soap.

Furthermore, the appearance of the finishing of the ecological plaster which looks like marble, improves over time, the years adding to its beauty and depth.

The application of Studio Shesh includes spraying oil-water based on quality olive oil, which adds natural sheen and vitality, unique only to "mother nature".

The variety of colors by Studio Shesh is huge, when taking into account the thickness of the ecological plaster in comparison with its non-natural thin "competitors" which wear out and fade quickly. The ecological plaster's durability, which is in existence for thousands of years and found in structures at archeological sites that are standing for thousands of years, all clearly indicate the high durability of this material!!

Therefore, choosing an ecological exterior plaster is the wisest investment from current point of view, from design point of view and by foresight of the material's quality and durability and its improvement over time.

Studio Shesh is responsible for executing tens of projects during its 20 years of activity.

You are invited to come and enjoy our experience in the field and our proven design capabilities which are part of the association with Studio Shesh.

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