Ecological Concrete Floor

Tadelakt Floor (DASS)

When starting the design of a house, one of its parts which has a significant weight reflecting the whole line of design, is the floor!

For thousands of years the Tadelakt has been the flooring of ancient palaces.

The beautiful marble like finishing of the Tadelakt, the uniformity of the surface (especially when incorporated with Tadelakt walls; that was how the palaces were designed) which creates an appearance like the whole courtyard has been paved with one stone, and the texture made of veins and natural "cracks" which become deeper and more beautiful as the floor ages, only completes the picture.

Unlike any other flooring, the floor does not wear out from use and washing it with water only strengthens and improves it. The DASS, which is actually Tadelakt with higher density, since it is possible to make a thicker and more massive layer with it than with the Tadelakt, the DASS floor is an "ecological concrete floor", handcrafted! It can be applied with round or curved panels which are part of the floor, round and curved stairs, railing, which create an overall designed style of one surface joined together!

The DASS is applied in two wet layers, where the top smooth layer is the one which creates the "Tadelakt appearance", in a thickness of between 5 mm up to 45 mm (depends on the surface on which the floor is applied). The optimal recommended thickness is between 15-25 mm.

We invite you to Studio Shesh, to a world of Tadelakt! The patio and studio are floored with DASS, and we will be happy to welcome you to experience the effect of design and art, and to see the improvement and durability of the DASS floor!

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