Clay Tiles

ZELIGE – small tiles in different geometrical shapes, use to create amazing mosaic.

Tiles sized 10×10 cm, used to carve by hand different geometrical shapes. In past times, the tiles were used to make spectacular and varied mosaic designs in the palaces of Maghreb in Morocco.

The clay tiles are produced by an ancient method. The clay compound is processed by threshing, and then drying in the sun.

Next, the tiles are taken for burning in a heat of 800 degrees, in a furnace fired by olive tree waste. After the tiles are taken out of the oven, they are painted using traditional colors, and then entered into the furnace for a second time. At the end of the process, the tiles are carved with remarkably accurate handicraft.

BEJMAT – artistic clay tiles intended for cladding of floors, walls and columns.

Artistic clay tiles sized 10×10 cm, produced in a number of geometrical shapes, such as square, hexagonal, octagonal, and others. They are also available in size 15×5 cm.

The BEJMAT tiles are used for cladding of floors, walls and columns, and can be used in combination together with the ZELIGE tiles, in order to create walls and floors with an ancient and artistic appearance.

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