The Zelige Method

Studio Shesh specializes in Tadelakt and Zelige.

The Tadelakt and the Zelige are of the most refined and authentic artisanal construction skills which have been preserved for centuries until today.

Zelige is a flooring technique using clay tiles coated with "GLAZORE". They come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and normally they are laid out together in geometrical forms.

Tadelakt is a plastering technique, remarkably smooth and waterproof, which had been used in the past for plastering of the Hammam and ritual baths, until the courtyard seemed like it was carved in stone.

Studio Shesh specializes in Tadelakt plaster and unique artistic cladding for walls. Tadelakt is environmentally friendly and wholly made of natural materials which do not harm the environment. The Tadelakt plaster, being natural, improves over time both in appearance and feel. This artistic plaster can be painted only by a professional artist. Studio Shesh has a unique method for artistic wall cladding which has been known since biblical times. The artistic plaster is fitting not only for wall cladding, but also for Hammam's, bathrooms, pools, etc. This plaster is known for being waterproof and resistant to mildew, with a very smooth texture and distinct visual depth.

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